Real World Solutions


We’re focusing on M2 in MobileM2M. We’ve expanded the traditional M2M (Machine to Machine) with the M2 abbreviation. Our adaptation reflects our focus on productivity in Machine to Man, and Man to Machine applications.


Our Focus

We’re focused on finding cost effective solutions to reduce human efforts, errors, and wasted time.

The right machines in the right applications can unlock available capacity in the workforce.Events Data Action

  • Finding cost effective solutions to reduce human effort, errors, and wasted time.
  • Triggering human activity only when it’s called for (product deliveries, maintenance, liability mitigation, etc.)
  • Increasing the efficiency and utilization of company resources and assets.

The underlying technologies enabling M2M/IoT solutions are rapidly evolving. These changes are driving down the cost of implementing solutions, and reducing the total cost of ownership; making solutions available to business that historically could never cost justify the investment.

Develop cloud based solutions focused on enhancing human productivity


We’ve pulled together a team of seasoned professionals that have implemented hundreds of successful multi-million dollar M2M / IoT solutions. The collective design, implementation, and customer experience at MobileM2M gives us a knowledge base to draw from to deliver innovative world class applications.

Design Goals:

  • Open platform scalable systems
  • SAAS (software-as-a-service) model, month to month commitments
  • Client applications targeted at Android & iOS tablets and smartphones, simple and intuitive user interfaces, designed for minimal impact on device and network resources.
  • Accompanying web portal applications for data management and dashboard reporting.
  • No charge high function sample versions for test and evaluation with economically priced full function versions.